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stepped, the next step. it is about progression. now we have to have faith in next year. >> we did hard to achieve and we made a great super bowl but it didn't go our way. >> how long will the loss stay with us? >> for the rest of my life. >> we asked kaepernick what he has been thinking about and he said he is thinking about being back here next year. we asked some of the players what they want to say to their fans? they said "thank you." they were happy to see the fans when they got off the plane yesterday. davis said, tell the fans, we will be back in the super bowl next year. here is a lasting image of a 49er going back in for one more
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load as he loads up the car the we heard a lot from the players but they are not down. head coach harbaugh will give a press conference any minute scheduled to begin at 11. if there anything he says we want to get in the newscast, stay with us throughout the mid-cast and tune in later today for more from the head coach, jim harbaugh. live in santa clara for abc7 news. >> a completely different mood in baltimore right now. ravens fans are celebrating their super bowl victory with a big party at the stadium. early this morning they toasted the super bowl champs with a far raid and hundreds of thousands poured into the streets to catch a look at the favorite players, riding on floats, trucks, and humvees all the way to the packed stadium. >> and more detail on the blackout at the super bowl. the super bowl went black
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occurring the third quarter action and now documents show stadium officials were actually worried about losing power months ago. in october 15, a memo said tests on the electrical feeders showed decay and a chance of failure. as a result, officials spent more than $600,000 to upgrade an electrical cable system at the stadium in december. >> bay area officials are promising a long blackout will not happen at new 49er stadium in santa clara, something that could be a factor in deciding which city lands the 2016 super bowl. the facility will be powered by two new electrical substations, with one serving as a backup for the other. if they both fail, crews can actually trigger a third power source and owners will pick the host city in may. >> new this morning a pittsburg man is under arrest if a hit-and-run accident that sent a woman and two small children to the hospital. the 24-year-old man is held on
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$50,000 bail accused in a crash at 5:45 last night. he hit a one-year-old boy in a stroller, a 7-year-old on a bicycle, and a 29-year-old woman. the victims were crossing the drive on a trail. all three are out of the hospital today. >> new fallout from the 2008 financial crisis. the attorney general is now suing the debt rating agency known as standard & poor's. the announcement was made today in washington, dc, filed in san francisco court. she said s&p 500 intentionally inflated rate ensure asigned to security. >> our lawsuit focuses on the ratings s&p 500 gave to mortgage-backed securities that the state of california purchased through pension funds, which each are considering two of the largest pension funds in the united states.
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california loss nearly $1 billion because of the s&p's conduct. the federal government and 15 other states have filed their own lawsuits against the rating agency. >> it is happening now the california supreme court is hearing argument whether local governments can ban medical marijuana dispensaries. here is a live picture of the proceeding. the state supreme court is meeting in a special session at university of san francisco to celebrate the 100th birthday of the law school. 180 localities in california have bans but advocates say the local governments can set limits, not to outlaw them. >> bay area drivers and transportation planners are heating up like overworked car engines this morning over a study that shows our region's practice is as bad as los angeles. cornell bernard has that story. >> very little smog here in the bay area but the traffic is just
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as bad as los angeles. the study confirming the fears and frustration of driver whose deal with commuter headaches each day. >> we have the worst commute, yes. >> mike already knows it. bay area traffic can be brutal, even on a motorcycle. >> we went to new york and i thought this is going to be really tough, manhattan. it is easier to drive in manhattan than in berkeley. >> a study from texas a&m university confirms that bay area drivers spend way too much time in their cars commuting through epic traffic. >> you have to take it into account when you are commuting and you know you need to be somewhere you have to check traffic. >> after washington, dc, the bay area is now tied for second with los angeles as the worst commute in the nation. that means a lot of time sitting in traffic. last year alone, 61 hours were spent behind the wheel costing drivers more than $1,200 in
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wasted time and gas. jamie would like to be productive when stuck in traffic. >> sitting in the car an hour and a half each way is wasted time. maybe i will read or listen to a become but usually i listen to the news. >> transportation bosses do not see the bay area traffic getting any better but they are working on it. >> we will not defeat congestion but we need to manage it as best we can so we can maintain mobility throughout the region. >> when you add it up it is $121 billion in wasted time and fuel. it is a good sign that the region is working and people actually have jobs to go to is the good spin. it is a tradeoff. cornell, thank you very much. adding insult to injury, california gas prices are surging with provisions up about 23 cents a gallon the last week. people around the bay area of
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getting hit hard at the pump as prices are well over $4 a gallon at many stations. according to aaa the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.91 across the state. it is higher in san francisco at $3.93, lower in san jose at $3.87 and oakland it is at $3.86 a gallon. still ahead, a just crash for olympic gold medalist vonn and what doctors say. >> new information about a alabama boy held in a bunker for
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>> skiing star vonn is hospitalized after suffering a major injury. she crashed in a competition. her ski came off and she slid down the course on her back before hit aggregate. the ski officials say she tore several knee ligaments and is out for the season. vonn will compete in the winter olympics in russia and in the spotlight if reports she is dating golfer tiger woods who is not competing at pen -- pebble beach. >> a five-year-old boy rescued from a hostage situation is spending his first full day with his family. a murdering kidnapper held the child captive in a bunker underground for a week. he is laughing and joking and playing with his family.
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this is a picture of the five-year-old ethan obtained by abc news. we have the latest on the story. >> it was the happy ending. an entire nation was hoping for this. >> after being rescued from a bunker and unharmed five-year-old, sitting up, on a stretcher, being wheeled to safety. the boy, named ethan, with a mild follow of. >> dix and adhd was held hostage for a week. today his family says he is doing just fine. >> he is happy to be home. he is very exciteed. like i said he is happy to be home and he looks good. >> his great aunt and uncle shared their relief and joy. >> if i could i would do cartwheels down the road. >> residents celebrated. >> we are truly blessed, truly
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blessed. >> the ordeal when james lee dykes killed a school bus driver and snatched ethan. >> many people here do not keep their doors lodged. it will change in our community for our school system. >> law enforcement led by the f.b.i. spent six days talking with dykes through a pipe. they were training for different rescue scenarios in this bun consider they built. officials decided to storm the bunker after he became more difficult and footage from a hidden camera showed him holding a gun. they exploded their way in shooting and killing him. >> he likes hugs and is described as loving. he will get plenty of those as he celebrates his 6th birthday tomorrow. >> good news for the bay area economy. a new report out this morning says silicon valley bounced out of the recession last year adding jobs and income. overall, income in silicon
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valley rose 2.2 percent according to the group joint venture silicon valley. employment was up 4 percent last quarter from the year before the sharpest increase in a decade but the rebound hasn't been a cure all for all. african-americans' income fell an average 18 percent last year and hispanic income dropped 5 percent. >> dell will leave the stock market. the company founder and a group of investers hoped to buy the company and take it private a deal worth $24 billion. shareholders have to approve the plan. dell struggled losing a third of their market value and falling behind rivals apple and samsung. >> nothing private about the weather forecast. we have clouds out there. >> lot of clouds. they are high mid-level clouds and not dropping any rain. it is not this cold front i am worried about but the next one, on thursday. i will give you an update on the
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rain. >> you want to get pregnant? we will tell you why you might want to hide the remote. >> feeling hungry? free pudding and pancakes give away is going on right
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> if your husband or boyfriend spends too much time in front the tv you may want to hide the remote. those who spend hours watching television two be less fertile. scientists found those who watch more than 20 hour as week had half the sperm count as men who did not watch any tv. part of the reason is because heavy tv viewers are less physically active. volunteer whose worked out 15 hours or more a week had higher sperm count than those who did not. >> news we like, happening now in san francisco, free chocolate pudding for everyone. we may not like the reason. it is a super bowl consolation prize for 49er fans. kraft is giving away thousands of cups of pudding to soothe disappointed fans. nfl hall of famer and 49ers great mott was right this,
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helping with the give away. he will be on broadway and columbus at 12:30. you can still get there. to find out where to get a cup of free pudding today, go to and click on "see it on tv." the pancakes you want? then you head to ihop, giving away a free short tack of butter milk pancakes not supplies last. they are asking customers to donate to children's miracle network hospital, hoping to raise $3 million for charity. >> a little something for everyone. >> a gloomy day out there. >> a fair way to say it, cloudy, no rain, yet, just a sprinkle or two. here is a look at the cold front that is moving through the bay area, the clouds are kicking up and a lot of mid-and high level clouds, not what we associate with rain or a good soaking rain
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like we need. from the east bay hills camera, back across berkeley, and alameda, and everyville and back to san francisco, it is hazy but it is not a "spare the air" day. there are a few brakes in brake- breaks in the cloud cover. now, on live doppler 7 hd, we are looking for radar runs and seeing, really, quiet conditions right now, and you can see it is spinning up there. nothing falling the form of any moisture, so well move on and put it in motion and you can sigh the waves of clouds moving through and you look to the upper left hand of the screen you can see the back side of that cloud she'd moving from north to south headed into later in the afternoon at 4:00 or 5:00. we start off mild this morning most of us in the 40's and oakland near 50. now we are all in the low-to-mid 50's. headed to the monterey bay, we have 48 in watsonville and everyone else is 50 to 52
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degrees. partly sunny going forward and a dry cold front moves through today. we have a wet one that will come in, on thursday, with a chance of scattered showers friday. when that passes, it will be a brighter and warmer weekend. today, we start off with 55 in san francisco. we will warm up to 359 in favored and cooler at the coast, low-to-mid 50's. in the monterey bay, 55. everyone else is in the upper 50's and 60's inland to salinas. tonight, without the cloud cover, cooler and dry air is moving in, expected to be five- to ten-degrees cooler, and mid-to-upper 30's inland. mid-30's to mid-40's around the bay shore and 34 in fremont and 44 in san francisco. high pressure is being shoved out of the way by the storm that is seeing most of the moisture fall to our north. it will get as far south as crescent city or eureka but for us it will be a quiet cold front
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and you will only notice the clouds making it breezy this afternoon especially at the higher elevation. as the system falls apart you can see the dry, cool air coming in, on wednesday, and thursday, better chance of rain. you can see it moving in time for the commute in the north bay sweeping south to the heart of the morning commute through 9:00 in 9 south bay. finally, at noon the steady rain is over with scattered showers possible on the back side of the system thursday afternoon and friday with snow level down do 2,500 but probably no moisture left when the cold air comes in. we could get .1" or possibly .25", not a great amount. the seven-day outlook shows mid-50's to near 60 tomorrow even with more sunshine. notice the temperatures dip into the low-to-mid 50's for friday. we rebound everywhere else, outside of the coast, to 60-degrees by sunday, and, also,
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into monday. >> we will get some snow from this but not a lot, just a couple of inches. >> tonight an jimmy kimmel actor bradley cooper. jimmy admits he did not watch much of the super bowl. >> i didn't watch it, i just remember a blackout, beyonce, a fat kid making out with a model and a guy in a weird relationship with a clydesdale. i also think the big take away i got was we are paying way too much for pistacio's. >> he airs weeknights at 11:35 following abc7 news at 11. still ahead, a news anchor, not us, get as pie in the face. that is not the end of it for losing the super bowl
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at 3:00 on "katie," actor charlie sheen. babyboomers are living longer than their parents but do they live better? and helping hookup city governments with web officials. >> television anchor and 49ers fan in texas is making good on a super bowl bet. >> take a look. san francisco native bet her co-anchor in victoria, texas, her hometown team would win and san francisco lost so she got a pie in the face on the air. >> she has to dance outside the station in a chicken suit and hold a sign that says my
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co-anchor is the best newscaster in the world. mike if we made a bet like that with you slam the pie in our face? could you? would you? >> he will not say a word. >> i cannot believe you asked that. >> our co-anchor is
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[drama ♪ ♪ >> hey, thank you. thanks, guys. hi, sweetie. mwah! so good to see you. [cheers and applause]
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hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. today's first contestant calls herself the real-life dr. dolittle. i will say no more. from henderson, nevada, please welcome tracey woolley. hey, tracey. all right, you explain to me what you mean by that. >> okay, i personally believe that every animal really wants to interact with us as humans. so when you're in the park and a squirrel comes up and you assume, "oh, he wants part of my doughnut or a peanut or whatever," it's like, no, he really wants to have a conversation with you. he wants to tell you about his awful day or tell you about his wife or whatever. >> okay. >> but we immediately just go, "ooh, peanut," and then we look away. and he--not stupid. he'll take the peanut, and he'll go off and-- >> and he'll go, sure. >> but, you know, he was, like, really hoping to be like, "oh, my gosh, my morning, my mother," you know? >> so do you--do you then take the time to talk to the animal then? >> i do. i do. >> and so what--give me an example of a conversation you--the most recent one you had with an animal. squirre. >> a squirrel. >> a squirrel, okay. >> there's--where a friend of mine lives in brooklyn, there's, like, a squirrel that i see every morning,
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